How it Works

What is consignment?

The main difference between a consignment store and your local thrift store is that our inventory is not donated to us. Instead it is consigned. By this we mean that every item in our store belongs to someone else. We have a contract that states that to the best of our ability we are going to price, display and sell your gently used items. As a consignment store we strive to create that “real store” feel: cleanliness, organization, color coordination, and selection. Of course the fun part of consignment is, that we never know what’s coming in, so our inventory is always changing. This means better selection for you and a higher turnover of clothing. To date we average a 85% turnover on our inventory in the first 35 days.

Items are accepted by appointment only for brand new consignors. Please call the store at 336-992-4550. For all returning consignors items are accepted by using our flexible “Drop & Donate” option.

  • Monday – Thursday 10-2
  • Friday 2-6
  • Saturday 10-2

How to get the best results:

To help make the consignment process easier, please start the sorting process at home. Look for stains, tears, missing buttons and broken zippers. Look over the labels and see if they are brands that Fabulous Finds accepts. If you have a question about an item, think of how long it has been in your closet. If it is over three years old, it may not be a good fit for the store. We do make some exceptions for designer vintage pieces. Ask yourself, if you saw it in our store, “Would I buy this?”

Remember we only accept authentic designer items, so please no fakes or gifts or pieces that you yourself did not purchase from the store. Our reputation rides on accepting only authentic high quality items! We also often list your items on our ever growing social media avenues to get maximum reach and exposure for your items.

Pricing and commission:

  • We will price your items and sell your merchandise at a fair price for both buyer and seller
  • The consignor will receive 50% of the selling price of each item if priced for $29 or higher and 40% for items of lesser value.
  • Consignors can keep track of their accounts by visiting Please contact the store if you need your consignor number.


  • Checks will be issued and available for pick-up on the 5th of the each month through the end of each month during normal store hours. A balance of $50 or more is required to receive a check. Any balance below $50 can roll over to the next month or we can process a cash payout at register on the 5th of each month for your previous month’s sales.
  • Consignors may use their account credit on store purchases anytime during the month.

What we accept:

See our list of what brands are accepted and those that are not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Review our FAQ list here.