Consignment Agreement

Thank you for choosing to consign with Fabulous Finds. Please read our contract thoroughly before signing. We strive to maintain a win-win experience for the customer, consignor and the shop.

We accept clothing, fashion accessories and home decor that is cute, current, clean and in season! We determine what will sell based on customer’s preferences.

Consignment Guidelines

  • Intake for clothing and accessories are on a seasonal schedule.
  • All clothing shall be on hangers and freshly laundered, pressed and/or dry cleaned and three years old or newer. Original labels must be present.
  • If defects are found in the item after intake, they will be donated without further notice.
  • Fabulous Finds sets the prices, (please share original purchase price if known for higher end items.)
  • Our consignment period is 60 days from the day the item is priced and put on the sales floor. Fabulous Finds staff reserves the right to reduce the sale price on any item during the consignment period.
  • Consigned items are left at owner’s risk. Fabulous Finds is not responsible for loss by theft, fire, water, damage, computer failure or acts of nature.
  • The consignor receives 50% of the selling price if priced higher than $29 and 40% on items priced lower after the article is sold. Your account credit can be used for store purchase at any time. Check or cash payout are ready for pick-up on the 5th of each month or you may use your account credit for store purchases. The consignor will pay an initial registration fee of $5.00. It is deducted from account and this fee is renewable annually.
  • If you would like any items back that are priced $29 or higher after the consignment period ends, you must make a note for yourself to remember to come back in to locate them on the racks. After the 60 day consignment period, all items become the property of Fabulous Finds, and may be donated to local charity.

Seasonal Consignments

Fall/Winter Clothing: Late August through January

Spring/Summer Clothing: Late February through July